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Keep up to date with the latest sports competition news. Olympic Games, football, rugby, tennis, cycling, handball, sailing, motor sports… Find all the sports news on our site.

Healthy & balanced eating: the secrets

Having a balanced diet is indeed synonymous with the pleasures of the table. It is not a question of “depriving” oneself, but rather of having varied meals by following a few simple rules. If we had to sum up balanced nutrition in 2 points, it would be the diversity in the plate and the regularity of the meals.

Eating well means adopting a varied and balanced diet, i.e. eating everything but in appropriate quantities. This means giving priority to foods that are beneficial to our health (fruit, vegetables, preferably complete starchy foods, fish, etc.), and limiting the consumption of sweet products (sweets, sweet drinks, etc.), salty products (aperitif cakes, crisps, etc.) and fatty products (charcuterie, butter, cream, etc.).

Eat organic to stay healthy and avoid cardiovascular disease.

Do you want to lose weight? What diet should I choose? It must be adapted to your lifestyle and diet, no…

Natural cosmetics are nature-friendly products containing plant active ingredients.

Whether it is a sports massage or to relax, these practices provide the body with health and well-being.

Business owner

Among the growth sectors of the economy, human services are in first place. The increase in this sector is due to the impact of retirements, which is freeing up many positions. The tertiary sector is also buoyant. This is the case for education, health, new technologies and information technology.

Do you want to become your own boss and take your independence, or do you want to make extra money? The best way is to start by setting up a small profitable project.

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