Whether you are a mystic or not, there are times when you would like to have a sneak peek into the future. In fact, everybody would like to know about their future, but most believe that it is not possible. However, if you have some tarot card reading skills, you may get to know what awaits you in the future and get prepared for it in advance. You can also get online tarot reading on abctarot.com and many more sites. Though tarot cards do not tell you exactly what will happen, they tell you what will happen and how you should be ready for it. This tarot reading guide provide some tips on how to read and interpret tarot cards.

How to Choose the Right Tarot Deck

The first step in a tarot reading is buying the right tarot deck. There are numerous tarot decks available in the market, each with a specific design. And since choosing the perfect tarot deck has no rule, you can pick any deck with which you feel a connection — preferably the one that you have a connection with and matches your personality. Each tarot deck has 78 cards, including 56 Minor cards for everyday situations in life and 22 Major arcana cads.

Minor Arcana Cards

The 56 Minor Arcana cards are associated with daily challenges and your current situation. The cards represent our feelings, thoughts, experiences and beliefs. These cards relate to the temporary energy type that affects how you live at the moment, which can be easily influenced. The cards consist of four tarot suits that focus on various parts of our lives:

  • Wands: These cards represent passion, sexuality, creativity and energy.

  • Cups: This card represent emotions, feelings and intuition.

  • Swords: The swords represent our thoughts, words and action.

  • Pentacles: This is the suit of material world, and offers guidance on career paths, finances and material possessions.

Each suit has court cards (the King, Queen, Knight and Page), and they can be interpreted in several ways: they can represent people, personalities, intuitions and even the energy required at the time of your reading.

Major Arcana

The 21 Major Arcana cards, also known as Trump cards, are both complex and significant, and their appearance will influence the entire reading, which prompts you to reflect on the broader lessons in your life and the overall themes.

How to Do a Reading

Once you have understood the general meaning of each card, the next step is to learn how you can use the card to get into your wisdom and institution so that you can start taking bold steps towards a brighter future.

The first thing you should do is ask the card deck a question. Each question you ask should be straight and simple. Also, these questions should be related to your daily life, like career, family, finance, relationship and many more.

Once you have your question in mind, you should shuffle the tarot deck. You can use any shuffling method you like since the important thing is to mix all the cards.

After shuffling, you should cut the tarot deck and pull cards, depending on your desired spread. There are numerous spreads, ranging from a single card spread to a 78 cards spread. The spread you choose depends on your situation. For a three cards spread, you should pull three cards whereby the first card should be about the past and the second card about the present. The third card should be about the future.

Interpreting the Tarot Cards

This is where each card’s symbolism comes into play. For example, for a three card spread, you should be attentive to the details of each card (pictures and symbols) and apply your intuition to interpret each card. You can practice your interpretation by visit abctarot.com for free reading.abctarot.com works closely with famous tarologists to give you the best reading that will change your life for the better.