Impressionist and modern art have a series of sales across different styles and media. The artworks on modern art galleries like this website cover movements that define Western Art in various media – paintings, ceramics, works on paper, and sculpture from artists of the late 19thand 20th century. Great artists such as Pablo Picasso, Alberto, Diego Giacometti, and Joan Miró have explored the significant aspects of modern art.

Impressionist painters mainly used layers of colours and left space at the top to reveal the colours underneath. This technique was achieved through dry brushing, stippling, cross-hatching, hatching and scratching into the paint. Here are some of the artworks for sale that are featured in impressionist and modern art galleries.


This black felt-tip pen on a paper painting was done by Pablo Picasso (1881–1973). The Bacchanale painting has 47.9 × 63.7cm. Picasso signed the image and added a date (15.9.55) at its lower case on the upper left. Numbered ‘IV’ is also visible at the lower right of this contemporary painting. It expresses his obsessions, wit, longings, deep love of play, in absolute privilege with a pen that ignores the sculptured or fixity of painted signs and portrays the mobility of an elusive temperament. Picasso painted the Bacchanale on 15th September 1955.

Femme, oiseau

Femme, oiseau painting was done by Joan Miró (1893–1983). The painting, executed in September 1973, is a gouache, India ink and pastel on paper and has a size of 88.6 × 64. 9cm. On the lower right of the image, Joan signed ‘Miro’, again signed, titled and dated the second time ‘MIRO 5/IX/73. The painting focuses on three key figures of Miro’s symbolism: the woman symbolizes the link of humans and their roots in the land. On the other hand, the bird and the star portray spiritual and poetic attractions expressed on both sides of the central figure.

Vision des maries

This contemporary painting is oil, tempera and pen and India ink on canvas done by Marc Chagall (1887–1985). Vision des maries painting has a size of 73.3 × 54cm. The painting was painted in 1977 and signed ‘Chagall Marc’ on its lower left part. Later on, Chagall again signed ’Marc Chagall’ on the backside. Marc Chagall used his distinct style and pioneering role to paint the Vision des Maries in dream-like objects that show his personal history and Eastern European.

Petit clown à cheval II

This is a brush and India ink on a paper done by Pablo Picasso (1881–1973) on 6th January 1954. The image has a size of 24 × 32cm. The Petit clown à cheval II is signed dated and numbered ‘Picasso 6.154.II’ on its upper right.

L'Anse des Pilotes et le brise-lames est, Le Havre

This art for sale is an oil on canvas painting done by Camille Pissarro (1830–1903). The painting was signed and dated ‘C.Pissaro’ on its lower right side. L'Anse des Pilotes et le brise-lames est, Le Havre was painted in 1903.

Parting words

The above listed modern masters paintings attract a global audience. They are available for sale at different times of the year in an impressionist art gallery. Art lovers can get the above artwork from impressionists who have produced natural landscapes and display modern life to express a sense of modernity.