Those who want to do an express makeover without spending a lot of money can choose clip on hair extensions. It is a simple technique, but very effective not only to gain length, but also volume to have a sublime hair. This method of hair extension is very trendy at the moment and seduces most women who want to change their head in the blink of an eye. For a day or for a few days, natural hair extensions with clips give you a star hairstyle that will leave your admirers speechless.

Clip on extensions in a few words

It's true that women who want to do hair extensions rush to hot or cold extensions. However, clip extensions are a fashionable extension technique to get long hair in a hurry. Indeed, it is a process that consists of using strips of hair that are fixed at the base with small plastic metal clips. Easy to realize, this method guarantees a surprising result with a natural effect.

Natural or synthetic hair?

When it comes to the subject of hair extensions, there are two options to choose from when it comes to clip extensions. On the one hand, the extensions use natural hair which is real hair. The main advantage of adding natural extensions is undoubtedly the irreproachable natural result. Indeed, the natural hair extensions with clip melt into the hair for a perfectly harmonious whole. If your budget is tight enough, you have the choice of synthetic hair on the other hand. Made from a balanced marriage of keratin and plastic, these hair imitate the appearance of human hair. Even if this type of hair extension is offered at an affordable price, the effect is not always up to the task of achieving the shine of natural hair. It all depends on your budget and the final result you are looking for.

Choice of your clip extensions

Once you've determined the type of hair you're going to use, it's now time to choose which clip extensions will fit your entire head of hair. If you want a natural look at all costs, you will need hair extensions in the same colour as your hair. This will ensure that the result will be uniform and unsuspected. Your clip extensions can also be chosen according to the length of your hair. Therefore, do not overdo it in terms of length even if the ultimate goal is to have long hair, because dubious looks can differentiate the extensions from your own hair. To avoid this risk, adopt extensions from 12 to 20 cm in length.