The ranking of a film is often subjective. However, there are still the cult classics, about war films whose fame is no longer to be established. Find out what a war movie is, and the top 5.

What is a war movie

A war film is a genre film to tell a story, or report historical facts. It analyzes the theme of the war on different aspects such as the recruitment and training of soldiers, the situation and living conditions in the prison camp, the ravages of the war on an entire civilization, the rage on the battlefield, etc. There was a time when the genre was a taboo subject and project, especially because of wars still going on, a peace still fragile, or that the film could be interpreted as an incitement to revolt because of the enormous sadness that still weighed heavily at the time. Nowadays, it is simply considered to be a genre of cinema like any other.

Top 5 great war movies to see in your life

In first place is Full Metal Jacket, a film released in 1987 and directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick, about the brutal training of new recruits in a training camp by the ruthless Sergeant Hartman. In second place is Private Ryan, a Steven Spielberg film released in 1998, a film about the progress of a team of soldiers whose mission is to bring back a soldier named Ryan. Third place, Apocalypse Now, from 1979, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, where the American secret service charges Captain Willard to search and kill a captain with unhealthy methods, named Kurtz, during the Vietnam War. Fourth place, Platoon of 1986, by Oliver Stone, which tells the story of a new and young soldier who discovers the horrors of the Vietnam War. And in fifth place, The Fall of the Black Falcon of 2002, a film by Ridley Scott, a war film about soldiers sent to Mogadishu to extract a Somali warlord for the peace of the country.

Other war films to watch

There are other pleasant to watch films like these 2 films by director Michael Bay: Pearl Harbor and 13 hours, released in 2001 and 2016 respectively. 2 other films released in 2016, Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, and Mel Gibson's You Shall Not Kill. David Ayer's Fury, released in 2014. Inglorious basterds, by Quentin Tarantino, released in 2009. The Red Line, by Terrence Malick, released in 1998. American sniper, by Clint Eastwood, released in 2014. Or Peter Berg's Blood and Tears, released in 2013.