The electric bicycle, more precisely the electric-assisted bicycle or EAB, is gaining ground in the bicycle market. Customers define it as an impressive, extremely practical, or simply extraordinary means of travel. It is a perfect means of locomotion and suitable for various types of people, young or adult, sporty or not.

Electrically assisted driving?

Quickly and mistakenly considered as a bicycle for lazy people thanks to its electric assistance system, the electric bicycle is not a motorcycle. Pedalling is still necessary to be able to ride. The electric system only provides assistance for the cyclist, who is not necessarily a sportsman or a cycling enthusiast. This assistance is adjustable, and is a great help when riding through a difficult road. It also makes it possible to ride many kilometres without worrying about "will I have the strength for the way back? ».

Perfect for urban travel

There was a time when most workers were sweating and were already tired before starting work, pedaling miles of road from their homes to the work site. Indeed, the electric assistance of the bicycle allows them to cover long distances without getting out of breath. With an excellent battery, riding more than 100 kilometres on your bike is almost child's play. Urban traffic always means traffic jams and traffic jams, and with an electric bicycle it's easy to save precious minutes or even hours on the way.

Other advantages of the electric bicycle

One of the great advantages of pedalling an electric bicycle is the reduction of fatigue. Conventional bikes are extremely exhausting and can easily discourage the uninitiated, especially if you have to ride dozens of kilometres every day. Electric assistance gives you peace of mind on the way home and when riding through difficult sections. Beyond the fact that it is an ecological means of locomotion, owning an electric bicycle allows you to make considerable savings. Compared to a car or motorcycle, it does not consume fuel and its electricity consumption is nothing compared to an electric vehicle or motorcycle. Its maintenance is not very expensive, and can be done by oneself, with good will and a little practice. Also, it is not obligatory to take out any insurance. It has a positive effect on health, and makes it possible to practice physical activity to stay active, despite the presence of an illness. Of course, it all depends on the disease in question. It weighs a few kilos more compared to a conventional bicycle, but it comes in a foldable and easily transportable model.